The Forest Dreams of Black

by Tine

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Eric Very good debut. Good production (not too raw or overly polished). Just the right mix of Black and Death metal with symphonic elements that work well with the music without being overdone or cheesy.
NeCrowSadistik  thumbnail
NeCrowSadistik The amazing dark atmosphere of this album creeps into your veins like a Demon with a purpose of possession. The incredible sound of Tine leaves you wanting more and more, like a hunger a beast has. Love Love Love \m/ Favorite track: Horrors at Antioch.
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson thumbnail
Jeff Anderson Tine perfectly balances symphonic atmosphere and assaulting guitar riffs, creating a beautifully dark sound unlike any other. The dedication and the album artwork are a really nice touch, these two have created something special. Favorite track: Lord is Self.
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The 2015 debut full-length album from the black/death metal duo!


released September 6, 2015

Count Murmur - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Compositions, and Lyrics
Vanth - Keyboards, Photographer, and Digital Artist

Produced by Darren Carikas with Count Murmur
Recorded and Engineered by Count Murmur
Recorded at “Count Murmur’s Dungeon of Horrors”, Rices Landing, PA – March 1st, 2015 to May 31st, 2015
Mixed and Mastered by Darren Carikas at Ghost Machine Studios, London – July 1st, 2015 to September 4th, 2015

All music written and composed by Count Murmur
All lyrics written by Count Murmur
All keyboards written by Vanth with Count Murmur
All keyboards composed by Vanth
All vocals and backing vocals performed by Count Murmur

Cover Illustration by Vanth
Layout by Vanth with Count Murmur
Photos by Vanth
Art Direction by Count Murmur with Vanth
Tine Logo Design by Count Murmur
Digital Logo by Joyce Stewart with Count Murmur
Wind Sounds by Mark DiAngelo at

All right reserved ℗ + © Count Murmur 2015



all rights reserved


Tine Rices Landing, Pennsylvania

Count Murmur, in all his sinister glory, founded the blackened death metal band Tine, for one purpose; To spread his brand of dark, atmospheric, metal - forged of cold, wrought, iron, and tempered with the deepest of fury. Our will, is to spread a message of sinister reality to all. Hear this one, clear message: The meek need only run and hide behind structures of fantasy; we are coming for you.
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Track Name: Enter the Black Forest
Track Name: Horrors at Antioch
Summoned to serve
From the Vatican's throne of darkness
Inciting this holy war
To kill in the name of Christendom

Plenary indulgences;
To the victor, the spoils
Before the throne of your god,
Forsworn to conquer Jerusalem

Deus Vult!
Conquer All!
Redeem us…

Deus Vult!
Conquer All!
Save us

Enduring these hardships
Suffering in sanctioned siege
The horrors at Antioch
Debaucherous crimes of the cross that they mock

Papal orders
Condemning crusaders to horribly die
Proselytizing the cross
Atrocities masked as holy riposte

(Repeat Chorus)

Anointed knights bare these arms
Of the church they serve
They call to heaven
They serve their hell
They shriek to god
They serve their devil!

The darkness falling
On the deeds that I’ve done
The crown of Rome, stained
With bureaucratic blood
Retell of glory sought;
Of people’s homes destroyed;
Of crosses bore for naught:
Attrition… Failures… Pain…

I come not to bring you peace
But, to bringeth a sword!
Acts of apostasy
Concealing disgrace in the face of their lord

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Lord is Self
All of my hate
I bequeath to thee
It is my burden
As deva of self
Falls from grace;
No lord for “I”…

A burning pit:
Cauldron of angst,
Is I
Fierce and bold
Do not doubt
Do have fear
I have swelled with passion

And in my power
I will strike at thee
It is my calling (my sheer pleasure)
To reject what you are
So, in this madness,
I dwell to usurp thee all

(Repeat Chorus)

My soul desire:
My eternal will
Is to conquer all
And, my soul,
By embracing my inner darkness,
Will prevail
Over your treachery

And, I will sin
And, sin again
In your eyes,
I am lost
But, in mine
I am free of your burdens
And, my lord
Is Self
And no other will come before me

My eyes
See your lies
Gone forever more
You disdain
All that I am
I’m gone forever more…

All of my rage
I shall spit at thee
This is my epithet
My true nature [undenied]
To crush your world
Beneath me – at last…

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: The Darkest Premonition (of things to come…)
Track Name: Encounter with the Shadow People
I stroll into this oddness
Something is not right here;
A presence presides

Dare I bear witness to this horror? (Or something akin)
I toil in scattered, nervous thoughts (My mind is torn – asunder…)

I see
A shadow
Out of the corner
Of my eye
A cold chill down my side – I feel it
A feint gust of wind
The slightest
Touch on my back
There is something here...
My eyes are now closed
I dare not open them
My nightmare has now begun!

Shadows autonomous
Move with intent
Coerce me...
They pull me with vaporous claws
Enshrouding in total darkness

A restligeist roams this troubled haunt
A dark countenance presides over this dominion...

Hypnagogia - a sleepless terror
No peace to thy gentle shade!
A thought-form; an imprint upon the material plane
A visage of the past, tormenting the present
Corporeal jealousy
Wounded deeply, is my soul
To be drained, of that which sustains
Attempting, to take me
To the shadowy plane...

They see you... You won't escape...The darkness... Does not deny...
A dimension... A parallel world of bleakness...
Now, succumb to anatta; a soulless divide.
Attacked by your darkest reflection; a figment of your worst thoughts...Revealed.
Track Name: The Crusade of Dracul
Act I: The declaration of war

I shall smite
The presence of Allah from this land
For their faith,
Can’t save them from my wrath
I am Vlad!
The son of the order of Dracul
Savior of
The sovereignty of Romanian soils

Rise! We arise…
(To punish the wicked…)

From the Carpathian Mountains,
Attacking the Ottoman forces
Along all the Danube

Kill! To impale the boyars on oiled stakes;
It is the way I avenge you!

Rise! We arise…
(To punish the wicked…)

From the Carpathian Mountains,
Attacking the Ottoman forces
Along all the Danube

Kill! To impale the boyars on oiled stakes;
It is the way I avenge you all!

Burning plains
The Muslims encroach upon our lands
Outnumbered we stand
Against Sultan Mehmed
At Tîrgovişte
I implore
The pope and the Christians of the west
To unite
In defense of the kingdoms that border your own lands!

(Repeat Chorus)

Act II: Martyr of the people

The Janissaries,
Ottoman slaves of war
In death, their souls redeemed
Indentured servants of Allah no more
Their final restless place
The Forest of the Impaled
The everlasting anguish
Of all the Ottoman lords who have failed…

Rejoice my friends
A symbol of victory
I dip my bread
In the blood of my victims
Impale the weak
The gypsies and vagabonds
May such men be eradicated from my lands

A symbol of power
A birthright of darkness
[To] devour the enemy
I’ve become a demigod

I have killed peasants, men and women, old and young where the Danube flows into the sea... Thus, you must know that I have broken the peace…

I cannot die.
I won’t forsake you.
I cannot die:
Lord of Wallachia

I cannot die
I won’t forsake you.
I cannot die:
Lord of Wallachia!

Act III: The timeless crusade

Betrayed and stripped of my people
I hold on to my valor
This bold crusade I harbor
My brethren don’t give up this war
Væ Victis!

And with last breath I call to you.
Imbue your souls with power.
My soul will live forever
I’ll watch you from beyond my grave

No More…Muslim…Tyrants…Rule Us…

Free from their reign!
Track Name: Herein Lies the Crooked Elm
Descent into the valley
Surely, what courage you feign?
Ye shall learn the lessons of Bifrons
Thy trespasses fall in vein
Approach, thee, wooded maw
Hewn from dryatic souls
Vast druidic power, beseech thee
Beware the rustling of leaves…

Fimbrethil gone forever
Eons ago she fell
Violently shorn from Gaia’s grace
With roots descending to hell
A woeful hex upon ye
These magicks cull despair
Herein lies the crooked elm
An Ent from Satan’s lair

And, the forest dreams of black…
The adversary’s vitae
Drenched in acid rains
Erode away the very soul of the forest;
It writhes in pain
You fools becursed this haven
Now sorrow remains

A codex of haunted earth
Older than humankind
Bringing to bear thy fallen fruits
Laborious sins of your kind
Oh, what have you done?
Oh, you stupid fools!
Unleashed a force beyond your world
Chthonic repression denied

A darkness upon the seed
It grows again…
Track Name: The Key to Forbidden Knowledge
Track Name: The Watchful Eye
When all that has been seen,
Becomes all that which has been unseen
But a taste of fears revealed
Seen through an aberrant lens of horror

Peer into this...
The eyes are everywhere
Beholding your life
Watching this world
With an ominous gaze
Observing its world
With utter black powers, behold…
[We are] but a spec in the eye of an ancient god

The orb grows weary of silence
Floating through desolate space and time
All knowing – the watchful eye
A spheroid entity in guise

(Repeat Chorus)

A deep stare of misfortune
Falls upon all that walk the Earth

Watching… waiting... preying… Incessant patience
Now your eyes, are closed forever
Begazed… beset… consumed… bereft
A deep stare of misfortune falls upon all

Behold – Oculi Tetragammaton
Entoptic Phenomena:
Penetrated by an ancient gaze
The watchful eye never ceases

Foreboding… Dethroning… Undoing… The human race
Alone another victim walks into
The maw of the mother of visions:
The tyrant eye
That rules over the countless years of all mankind…